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Damaged kegs often interrupt atomized filling lines. These disruptions can be annoying and cost time and money. The common keg damages include bent bottom or top chimes as well as shaped-out necks (muffles), caused by inappropriate transport or storage. Such kegs cannot be positioned properly at the filling line, leading to separated or rejected kegs. It might even cause the production line to break down. In the worst case, they are not cleaned properly or leave the production line filled insufficiently. Both generates extra costs and decreases the filling line efficiency. If the filling line performance falls below 80%, the process is uneconomic. In numbers, a filling line with a plant system rating of 60 kegs per hour only has an output of 48 kegs per hour. This means, 12 kegs per hour are sorted out and have to be replaced by new ones. Consequently, more time and material are needed to match the planned sales targets. In the end, the requested keg quantity is not available … How to solve this?

You can buy new kegs. You can buy service capacities from a provider. Or you can buy your own keg-chime-straightener machine to be able to react quickly without seasonal impact. What option works best for your brewery is to be decided individually and depends on a variety of factors: the size of the brewery, the quantity of kegs, the current keg management, the keg circulation per year and last but not least the location of the brewery have an impact on this decision.

REITER-BRAUTECHNIK can help you with that decision. We offer consulting and have the equipment for your own keg service. For more information, please visit !

The Keg chime-straightener machine is robust and designed for a long-life cycle. The optimised tool-sets have a modular design and are available for almost all of the common keg and cask types (DIN / EURO / party-kegs / slim-Kegs, cask firkin, cask kilderkin, …). 

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Jeder Stopp einer Keg-Abfüllanlage kostet richtig Geld.

Mit unseren Ausbeul-Geräten können Sie Ihre Kegs für die Abfüllung fit machen und die Effizienz der Anlage steigern.

Weltweit sind derzeit über 160 Maschinen im Einsatz. Das System hat sich bewährt und wird auch von vielen Service-Betrieben genutzt.

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Every stop at a filling line creates a loss of money. With our keg-chime-straightener you can speed up the efficiency of the filling line. Up to date are, more than 165, keg-chime-straightener working around the world. The keg-chime-straightener has prove oneself and used also by many keg-service providers. Willingly we will generate an individual offer to you.


when most of the kegs are back in the brewery - there is an effective date to refurbish the keg stock ... is it?

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